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Declaration about Accessibility

This web presentation takes into account accessibility and barrier-free access according to the normally recognised principles and rules of creation of an accessible web and instructions prepared for the purposes of the amendment to the Act no. 365/2000 Coll., about information systems of public administration.

The presentation is created according to the specifications given out by the consortium W3C according to the used language HTML 4 Transitional, HTML 5 or XHTML 1.1 Transitional and it observes the syntactic and semantic correctness.
The content is completely separated from the style by means of cascade styles. The presentation can also be used on other output devices (cellulars, voice readers etc.).
Some additional information (especially documents for download) are available on these pages in a different format, most often PDF. To view the documents in this format, you must have the following browser installed Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded for free on the pages of the company Adobe inc., or another program able to display the PDF format.
Some additional or multimedia functions of this web may be created by the technology Adobe Flash and they may require browser accessories to be installed, like Adobe Flash Player, which can be downloaded for free on the pages of the company Adobe inc.

For complete functioning of these web pages, you must have JavaScript supported and enabled in your browser.
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We have stocked new design kitchen boards designed by young designer. Don't miss them!
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YouTube Channel
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Dřevotvar cooperative
Slezská 535
Jablonné nad Orlicí
561 64
+420 465 677 111
You can find us on YouTube!
The company Dřevotvar was founded in 1951 by small craftsmen, who united their abilities and enthusiasm. During years, it developed, modernised and today the company Dřevotvar is a prosperous company, which sells its products to the entire world.
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Company Dřevotvar furniture shops
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