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Galant Trade, Prague

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Ambiente 2023
3rd - 7th February 2023, Frankturt am Main: Ambiente - the leading international consumer goods trade fair.
Free production capacity
Dřevotvar družstvo offers production capacities for B2B production of wooden legs for furniture and wooden sticks for cots.
Assortment of kitchen utensils
We offer a brand assortment of kitchen cookware with original design, with a guaranteed quality from the Czech manufacturer. For more information about the offered assortment, view the catalog.
Photogallery of the company Dřevotvar
Dřevotvar družstvo
Slezská 535
Jablonné nad Orlicí
561 64
Czech Republic
+420 465 677 111
You can find us on YouTube!
The company Dřevotvar družstvo was founded in 1951 by small craftsmen, who united their abilities and enthusiasm. During years, it developed, modernised and today it is a prosperous company, which sells its products to the entire world.
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Company Dřevotvar furniture shops
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