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Personal Data Protection

Your consent
By using these pages you give your consent with the conditions of this Declaration of Personal Data Protection. At any time, when you provide information by means of these pages, you agree with collection, use and accessibility of the given information in compliance with this Declaration of Personal Data Protection.

Actively provided information
Some parts of these pages may require information from you for us to be able to contact you (email and/or phone contact, name, or potentially trade name). You will be informed about which information is required and which is optional.

Passively provided information
While browsing through this web presentation, certain information may be collected passively (that is obtained without being actively provided by you) using various technologies (such as cookies, javascript measuring systems, especially Google Analytics, and standard logging of your HTTP requirements on part of the server).

Your browser automatically transfers some of these anonymous information to these web pages, e.g. URL of web portal or search engine, which you have just left (the so-called Referrer URL), your IP address, version of the browser and operation system, which your computer is using, default language settings, or potentially information about installed accessories in your browser. These pages require storage of cookies in your browser, so that they can work. You can set it, so that it informs you at the moment, when a cookie is sent, or to refuse or prohibit cookies, but some parts of this web may not work correctly without these cookies.
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We finally have a YouTube Channel. You can find there behind the scenes video of spoons and mills production and much more. Make sure to subscribe!
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Dřevotvar cooperative
Slezská 535
Jablonné nad Orlicí
561 64
+420 465 677 111
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The company Dřevotvar was founded in 1951 by small craftsmen, who united their abilities and enthusiasm. During years, it developed, modernised and today the company Dřevotvar is a prosperous company, which sells its products to the entire world.
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