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Delivery Conditions

Business conditions:

  • Tne price of goods is determined according to the valid price list of the seller in Czech crowns, which the buyer was made familiar with.
  • While ordering the goods, the seller and the buyer conclude a purchase contract, where all the valid provisions for purchase of this goods are stated (the seller, the buyer, delivery address, business conditions, exact specifications pf the ordered goods).
  • Delivery term of the confirmed orders is 4 – 6 weeks since their confirmation. In case of atypical modifications, this delivery date is agreed on individually.
  • The customer shall pay the advance payment in the amount of 50% from the price of the ordered goods in cash, by sending it to the account, by money order, or by a post money order, namely within 10 days since the signature of the purchase contract. The remaining payment amount (the total price of the goods minus the paid advance payment) shall be paid by the buyer in cash when the goods is delivered
  • The seller shall deliver the ordered goods to the buyer to the delivery address determined by the buyer.
  • Furniture will be delivered for free to the address of the customer, it will be transported directly to his or her apartment or house, it will be professionally assembled and adjusted. The only exception is the goods with the reduced VAT rate (Entre, Bety), where the amount of Vat is conditioned by the assembly at the customer's place. In case of this goods the assembly shall be invoiced according to the valid price list. Transport is for free.
  • The seller shall provide the buyer with 24-month guarantee for the goods. The buyer is obligated to immediately notify the seller about defects that can be found after delivery, namely in writing on the bill of delivery. The deadline to settle the complaint about goods is 30 days and it starts on the day of the delivery of the written complaint to the seller.
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