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Ceramic grinding mechanism
All grinders produced in the company Dřevotvar Jablonné nad Orlicí are fitted with the ceramic grinding mechanism CrushGrind®, made in Denmark in the company Ideas Denmark.
Laser burning!
We could burn your logo, phrase, or other inscription to any product from our range of products, or also products supplied by you.
Stirring spoons to the entire world
We produce 1 500 000 pieces of stirring spoons per year....
Other contribution
Photogallery of the company Dřevotvar
Dřevotvar cooperative
Slezská 535
Jablonné nad Orlicí
561 64
+420 465 677 111
The company Dřevotvar was founded in 1951 by small craftsmen, who united their abilities and enthusiasm. During years, it developed, modernised and today the company Dřevotvar is a prosperous company, which sells its products to the entire world.
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Company Dřevotvar furniture shops
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