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Furniture pieces from solid wood

The company Dřevotvar has recently significantly expanded its technology of machining of furniture pieces from solid wood. Also surface treatment of atypical shapes has come to the forefront.

A great part of the assortment of furniture pieces from solid wood includes furniture legs, or stiles of table bases. They are made above all from beech.

Dřevotvar cooperative is also focused on manufacturing of furniture pieces from solid wood, especially from beech. In a major part, this concerns furniture legs, or potentially stiles of table bases. As the proportion of these types of products in the total production of furniture pieces has been increasing, Dřevotvar cooperative implemented this type of production already in three of its manufacturing centres. This was connected with an investment into an expansion of the machine pool by  sizing saws, multi-spindle drillers and quadrilateral miller.
Furniture pieces from solid wood are manufactured either by cutting or turning. Subsequently, they can be drilled, ground and potentially also finished by surface treatment.
In the very surface treatment of the massive bars to baby cribs, the company Dřevotvar cooperative is one of a few companies in the Czech Republic, which successfully tuned the technology of surface treatment by soaking. Like in other methods of surface treatment of furniture pieces from solid wood, spraying (machine or manual) and rolling up are used.
Automatic turning machine CENTAURO
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